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Website development and design


What is a website template?

Website template (web template) is a pre-designed webpage with static design structure. This means that majority of the elements (images, text, colors, etc.) can be changed, but design is fixed.


Website template package

  • Website template package
    Offer * includes:
    1. Slide module for main page.
    2. Menu editing tool.
    3. Ability to create unlimited amount of texts and articles.
    4. Mobile website template version (for smartphones ant tablets).
    5. Responsive design.
    6. Ability to select different text display templates.
    7. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for content editing.
    8. Tutorial videos how to use content management system.

*Offer is only valid when ordering a website template for 12 months or longer time period. Offer also includes free of charge hosting plan PN-1 (FTP 1000 MB, bandwidth 10 GB). Website template can only be hosted in OWEXX virtual servers. Additional modules can be purchased, if required. All provided prices are without VAT.



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€299/ month
€1499/ month
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€299/ month
€1499/ month
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€299/ month
€1499/ month
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Kaip naudotis turinio valdymo sistema „Rinup“?

How to use content management system “Rinup”

To administrate content in website templates CMS (content management system) system “Rinup” is used.
This system has an internal environment. Internal environment is secure and easy to use, and allows editor of a page to create pages, customize menu, upload images, edit texts, etc. You can find video tutorials on how to administrate content of your website in „More“ section.


Why is it worth to choose a website template?


You can buy website template for a very low price.


Website template is activated within 1 hour. It requires no additional programming or design work.


Website administration is simple. Using Content Management System you can create articles, add or change text, photos, etc.

Similarities and differences between website template and unique website


One of the main differences is a website design. Website template is less individualized. That means that the structure of website design is not changeable. Client can adjust or change text, images, and icons when needed. You can also use different information display templates, change colors and other features in your website template.

Application for mobile devices

As well as individual design solutions, our website templates are applicated for smartphones and tablets regardless of screen resolution (using responsive design).

Integration of modules.

You can install additional standard and custom modules.

Integration of social networks

There is a possibility to integrate social network plugins (e.g. "Facebook", "Twitter") to both, individual and template websites. 

Languages installation

Website template could be adapted for other languages, such as German, Russian, English, Latvian, Lithuanian etc.

Faster preparation for use

Compared to individual style website creation, website template is prepared to use much faster. It requires neither design nor programming works. To start using your website, you just need to fill in wanted information (texts and photos). It is easily done by using our content management system "RinUp". 

Unikalių interneto svetainių kūrimas

Are you looking for individual design website?

We ensure the continuity and further development of your website. After creation of your website, we will further develop it, install updates, and offer future upgrades and functions.   
This will ensure that your expectations are met and will provide an opportunity to reach for the best results.



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